Interview with Satish Babu – Univercell

Satish Babu is the definition passionate Entrepreneur. Beginning his career as part of the Euerka Forbes sales force, in his own words he learnt the ropes through blood and sweat. Seeing the potential in the mobile sector, he launched Univercell which has now scaled to over 100 retail outlets across India.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in his store, in the middle of the shop-floor on an extremely hectic busy Wednesday evening where he took me through his inspiring story, how he motivates his sales team and the mobile explosion which the country has seen.


Madhav Das -Southside Magazine – Formerly Magnasound

Madhav Das is one interesting story – formerly the CEO of Magnasound, he had to shutdown Magnasound after the company went bust about a decade ago. He recently launched Southside – A Kollywood magazine which has had a good response so far.

In this freewheeling interview, he talks about his career with Magnasound, the digital music industry which practically killed it, his work with A.R Rehman and the starting of Southside


Abhishek Dingra – Mr. Pronto

One of the first interviews on Business Bytes, we meet Abhishek Dingra in his office Mr.Pronto in Spencers Plaza, Mount Road. Abhishek, as he would like to call himself is a ‘Glorified cobbler’, who is making a living out of repairing bags and shoes.

Having completed his MBA in Manila, this was one of his MBA projects, one which he has pursued to the full. In this interview, Abhishek speaks about his story, the store’s growth to 4 branches in Chennai and also gives us a demo of a shoe repair in progress. Must watch – check it out.


Interview with Nandhagopal – Mohan Meakin Breweries

In my first interview on Business Bytes, I profile Mr. Nandhagopal of Mohan Meakin Breweries. Mr. Nanhagopal is group chairman of Mohan Meakin Breweries which is best known for its brewing of the every popular ‘Golden Eagle Beer’.

Here, he speaks of his journey with Mohan Meakin, the success of ‘Golden Eagle’ Beer and Mohan Meakin’s other multiple businesses.

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