Will the real 3rd Umpire please stand up?

Now that’s a job I would want to apply for. The Venerable 3rd Umpire. The only person I know who has an easier job than his, is the bloke sitting next to him; yup the 4th Umpire. Watch cricket all day, get the best seats in the house. Have some great food. And yes, you’re … Continue reading

Lessons from the highway

Every now and then you have to embark on one of those highway drives, where in between listening to music and juggling for toll, you also get a chance to get into deep thought and reflection. A drive on the Mumbai Pune expressway is almost the perfect location for deep reflection. Atleast, while you’re on … Continue reading

The Making of India’s Premier Start-up Event

With a month to go before Proto.in, apart from the various concerns regarding the quality of start-ups, the media reach, the event manager, speakers at the event; what really was giving me and the The Knowledge Foundation Team the maximum sleepless nights was the date, the 9th of July. Not only was it clashing with … Continue reading